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Regional Transit Bonds

  • STA supports a higher level of authorization for Regional

  • Transit Bonds to help meet demand.

  • STA providers have many projects waiting for funding to maintain facilities, replace old buses, and to expand service to meet demand.

  • STA Supports a the 2-year authorization for Regional Transit Bonds.

  • Explore options for providers to keep revenue in communities.

Operational Funding

  • A crucial priority for the STA providers is maintaining support for the BUS system.

  • Reauthorize the statutory floor for the current RAMVSTfunding of .35% for Suburban Providers.

  • As a part of increased funding, the Suburban providers request $6 million for service modernization and expansion.

    • Providing transit opportunities for suburb-to-suburb commuters will be critical to serve expanding population and job centers.

    • The funding will allow for the expansion of service, including local connections, and the purchase of vehicles to fund the service.

    • Vehicles being used on existing demonstration service are retired buses that require frequent maintenance and higher risks breakdown that cause service interruptions and/or delays.


  • Require a collaborative decision making process, inclusive of all providers for operational or gate assignment changes at regional facilities, such as Marquette/2nd transit corridors.

  • STA supports the right of its governing bodies to makeoperational decisions. This includes the determination of which buses to purchase to best serve their customers.

    • STA Providers are in the best position to determine which type of vehicles best meet their needs in terms of safety, efficiency and quality.

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